A new hub for the professional training organizations and senior mentors with a single mission - Equipping and supporting the young generation of Vietnam by the fundamental skill set for their balanced development in the tremendous growth of 4.0 technology and big data. THINK focuses on 4 key areas in the technology world:

Technology - Innovation - Soft skills - Mental health

THINK SPACE offers ...

The most effective space solution for professional training organizations and senior mentors.
Connecting and creating bonding professional communities to open up the opportunities for the youths to learn and develop skills to prepare for the future.

THINK wishes ...

Together with training organizations and dedicated mentors, we would build up a solid community of "new era warriors" - The warriors who are not afraid to face challenges, take great opportunities, understand the values of themselves and their role in the development of society, as we believe that:

“The next generation has to be much better than us.”

With that motto, we - THINK Space, professional training organizations, dedicated mentors would try our best for you.

Just bring to us your grit and growth mindset, we will take care the rest!